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What do we offer?

Our packages are designed around your needs. Not everyone wants the same kind of research so our process is catered to your needs and your budget.

We offer a free initial consultation by phone or email. We then go through what you want researched, we establish what you already know in order to assist us to give you the best possible service. We have a simple questionnaire to enable us to effectively assess your research requirements which can be filled out over the phone, by email or by post. If you live locally in Wiltshire we are also happy to have a face to face meeting if preferred.

Of course some people just need a little help researching in places they cant get to themselves and we offer simple 'By the Hour' packages and also special 'Census' packages if you want a certain family traced through the available censuses. We can also offer our 'Generations' package which is usually more for the person just starting out where we can work from you backwards. 'By the Hour' is our most popular package and suits a wide range of requirements.

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Root to Tip was featured in the programme 'Love and War III: Father Unknown' on ITV Meridian on 5th June 2008.
This featured Dominic's work in tracing the birth family of his partner's aunt.

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