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Whether you are just starting out with your family tree or have managed to get some of the way, the Generations package could suit your research needs.

We can trace back from the root person - be it yourself or your grandmother for instance and compile information about them from available sources. This usually requires ordering birth marriage and death certificates for your direct line of ancestors. We gather information about the children of each generation also with the option to then further research their lines forward if you so wish.

Depending on the time frame of the research you request, we can also couple the Generations package with our Census package to give you a more complete family history.

As with most of our packages this is tailor made around what you want from the research and what information you already know.

Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.

Our prefered method of payment is via PayPal but we do accept personal cheques.

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Root to Tip was featured in the programme 'Love and War III: Father Unknown' on ITV Meridian on 5th June 2008. This featured Dominic's work in tracing the birth family of his partner's aunt.
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