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Dominic Murray

Dominic Murray

"I have been actively researching my own family history for over ten years. The interest in where (and who) I was from has been bubbling away ever since I was a small child and I realised that I didn't know either of my grandfathers. As nobody could answer my questions in more detail I decided to find the answers myself.

During that time I have answered some of those original questions, found a whole host of new ones and am keen to add that this is the nature of genealogy itself – there is always another avenue, another question, another puzzle.

I have been helped a great deal in my pursuits of those puzzles by new family members I have met along the way. Those include tracing the family of my paternal grandfather, only to be met with open arms by my American cousins (and uncles and aunts …..), and discovering roots scattered all through the United Kingdom, as well as into France, the Netherlands, Spain and branching into (and back out of) America and Australia. Some of his most intense moments were discovering my past ancestors were signatories on Magna Carta, had royal links and even film star credentials!

Along the way I discovered I had a passion for not only dealing with my own family, but also for digging up ancestors and relatives for friends.

In my professional career as a researcher I have worked for overseas clients unable to undertake research themselves and have experience with tracing family for adoptees. I was been filmed by ITV for a documentary after researching the birth parents of my partner's aunt. Along with Alex, I ran a series of workshops teaching amateur genealogists of all levels how to go about their research."

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Root to Tip was featured in the programme 'Love and War III: Father Unknown' on ITV Meridian on 5th June 2008.
This featured Dominic's work in tracing the birth family of his partner's aunt.

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