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Alex Cleverley

"I have been researching my own tree for over ten years. I became interested when looking through an old photo album that belonged to my father. From countless times of looking at the album as a child I finally asked who the people were and that was the spark that ignited my interest. Intrigued by my great grandmother on her maternal grandmothers side - I continue to compile information for a One Name Study on the surname Pilley. I also has two other One Name Studies on the surnames Coulden and Sharod based on research done for other people where it became apparent the names were rather unique.

I have not only been researching my own family tree, but also that of my husband for the last five years. With many lines in both trees going back to the 1500s and one even dates back to the 11th Century with connections to Acton Burnell - the site of the first official 'Parliament' and to the Bent(h)all family of Benthall Hall, Much Wenlock - Shrophire - which in turn has connections to the Bentall family who created the famous Goldhanger Plough and ran the Bentall's Ironworks in Essex. My tree has connections mainly in Cheshire, Lancashire, Essex and North Wales but with an elusive branch in Ireland too! My husband's tree spans the country including Scotland, Ireland, London, South Wales and Devon.

I also enjoy helping others with their research and together with Dominic ran a series of genealogy workshops to teach genealogists of all skill levels. I have sold my services via eBay in the past but has decided to offer them to a wider audience. I also have experience in researching for people from overseas and those unable to get to local records offices and tracing family for adoptees.

I really enjoy talking to people about genealogy and have a great memory which comes in handy when researching, I often will hold the information about a clients tree in my head for a couple of weeks!"

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Root to Tip was featured in the programme 'Love and War III: Father Unknown' on ITV Meridian on 5th June 2008.
This featured Dominic's work in tracing the birth family of his partner's aunt.

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